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Chewing Tobacco & Snuff

We carry a great variety of chewing tobaccos — there's something for every taste. David’s also carries a wide array of top quality sniffing snuff. Call our store and ask for all the brands available.

Oliver Twist

Pellet tobacco for chewing, sold in 1/4 oz. tins. Featuring the following flavors:


Sweet licorice and dark fired tobacco are combined to form a pellet that is satisfying to those who prefer a more robust strength and flavor.

Mint Mild

Mild to medium strength tobaccos are combined with the fresh flavor of peppermint.


A delightful, refreshing flavor of sweet, fresh berries.


Soft and mellow tobaccos are carefully blended with an aniseed and mint oil for a sweet and refreshing flavor.


Premium quality tobaccos are balanced by the refreshing taste of Wintergreen.


David's Loose Leaf

Available in 3 ounce, 8 ounce or 16 ounce bags. Featured flavors include:


Tastes like a green apple straight off the tree. Other apple chews can't compare.

Black & Cherry

Rich cherry flavor that's not too sweet. A perfect blend of dark cherry and tobacco.


So fresh and flavorful you'll want to watch out for the pit. Our peach really tastes peachy.


With a fresh, sweet flavor and hint of vanilla, you get a refreshing taste like no other.

Great tobacco comes from David's.

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