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Pipe Tobacco

At David's Briar Shop, we purvey high grade smoking tobaccos that will appeal to a variety of discriminating tastes. We also do custom blending — your enjoyment of our blends is our reward. Additionally, we offer other great pipe tobaccos such as Mac Barens, McClelland, Peterson and many other imported varieties are available upon request.

Purchase these tobaccos in 3 ounce, 8 ounce or 16 ounce bags:

Bunker Hill

Light bodied board sliced Burley. Easy to smoke and very slow burning.


Supreme English & Oriental blend with smoked Latakia and rich Turkish leaf. A very harmonious blend for the smoker wanting no sweet flavors added.


A delightful mixture of vanilla and Cavendish with the addition of fine broadcut Burley for lightness.

Dover Court

A golden Virginia blend with a hint of vanilla Cavendish which gives a delightfully mellow taste.

Georgian Cream

An awesome blend of true peach, nuts and honey with a medium taste. This is a delicate balance of fine Virginias, Burleys and black Cavendish.


A breakthrough in traditional Burleys with a fine aroma. This unique, no-bite blend has perfect burning qualities which makes it extremely appealing to the large segment of Burley pipe smokers.

Go Nuts!

Virginias and our soft, cut-cake Burley Cavendish in a blend that has the mellow and nutty aroma of roasted Hazelnuts and a flavor to match.

Jamaica Rum

Mature Virginias, sweet black Cavendish and mild Burley are flavored with pure rum and vanilla bean. Sweet taste and aroma!


A mellow Cavendish, flavored by vanilla which is pressed into the leaf and left pressed for several days.


Our best black vanilla Cavendish with an amazing aroma, excellent smoothness and fragrance. It’s a great stand-alone smoke and a wonderful blender.


A lightly toasted Cavendish good for the novice smoker and for the smoker who prefers a light sweet taste.

Raspberries & Cream

Elegant and fragrant with fresh red raspberries in cream. Soft and light-bodied this mild American Virginia is delicious to the bottom of the bowl.


A cool, refreshing aromatic tobacco with the fragrance and flavor of fresh strawberries lightly laced with rum and a hint of citrus.

Three Cherry

Three deliciously different cherry flavors-refreshing Duke, fermented Maraschino and rich Kansas Sweet-grace this balanced blend of lemon Virginia and Black Cavendish.

T.J.'s Blend

Delightfully rich and mild with a taste of nuts and vanilla. The aroma and flavor are truly pleasing. This blend is a real crowd-pleaser.

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