When selecting a cigar, one should consider the many aspects of it, which include the size and shape, color and texture, as well as flavors. The way a cigar is stored also plays a key role in its smoke-ability.


Cigars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The circumference is called ring gauge, measured in millimeters. The length is in inches. Usually, the larger the cigar, the cooler it burns. Select different sizes that are suitable for smoking on different occasions.


Cigar color ranges from a light green (Claro) to a tan (Natural) to a deep brown or black (Maduro). As a general rule, the lighter the color of the wrapper leaf, the milder the smoke. A darker wrapper leaf will impart richer, bolder flavors to the cigar. A cigar should feel supple to the touch, and have no crackling sound when rolled gently between the fingers.


The best way to find the flavors you will like is to sample a variety of cigars at different times. To keep track of those you like, simply save the cigar ring bands or record cigar descriptions and characteristics in a journal.


Cigars should be stored in a humidified environment of approximately 70% and 70°F. Avoid rapid and large fluctuation, as these may damage the cigar. Purchase cigars only from tobacconists who store their product in a humidor. Be sure to stop by David’s for a properly made humidor for your home storage.

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