Once you’ve found your favorite cigar, here are some helpful tips for cutting, lighting and smoking.


  • There are many ways to open the cap of the cigar so as to be able to draw through it.

  • The most popular cut is the Guillotine, which removes the entire cap of the cigar. This allows for an even draw and a smooth burn.

  • The Bullet-hole cut is another method commonly used. The cutter removes only a small portion of the cap, leaving the rest intact.

  • The V-cut is yet another style cut. Here a V-shaped notch is removed from the cap of the cigar. Again a majority of the cap remains intact.

  • If a cigar seems too tightly rolled we suggest the Guillotine cut which will maximize airflow. Conversely, if a cigar seems too loosely rolled, our suggestion is the V-cut or Bullet-hole cut which will restrict airflow somewhat.


To light your cigar, it is best not to place the foot of the cigar directly into a flame, since this may sear the tobacco and cause a bitter taste, hold the cigar about 1/8″ above the flame and slowly roast the end while rotating it until the foot glows blue or red. Then place the cigar in your mouth and as you puff gently, rotate the cigar again holding the flame the same distance away from the foot. Light the cigar thoroughly so it won’t burn crooked and uneven.


The only guide here is to puff slowly and easily on your cigar. For the slower it burns, the cooler and more enjoyable the cigar will smoke.

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